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Home Energy Audits and Services
September 20, 2005, Nick Morton

For those with the know-how and persistence, optimizing your home's energy efficiency can be a fun challenge. But not every knows enough about energy efficiency, appliances, and insulation to make informed decisions. That's where home energy audits step in to provide assistance.

Green Matters in Spokane, Washington, offers Green Living Consulting, a service which consults with homeowners to improve their overall lifestyles, not just energy efficiency. Consultations are done in person at the house, or can be done over the phone. Various areas of the client's home are reviewed for suggestions to improve energy and water use, waste management, and transportation decisions.

Another service called Home Energy Tune-Up looks specifically at the energy-related parts of the house, recommending specific improvements to reduce your energy usage. Negawatt Resources in New Zealand performs Energy Audits, looking at issues such as thermal space and ventilation in addition to energy efficiency. All of these services charge clients for their work.

By comparison, New York State's NYSERDA runs a program called New York Energy $mart, which provides qualified households with a free inspection and evaluation of their home, and connects them with funding sources so that they can afford to make the suggested improvements.

Dave Chiu


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