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September 16, 2005, Jude

A Mintat G3 transportable petrol station (by Marcello Minale) has never made it beyond concept. This is just one example of numerous brilliant designs that, for a variety of reasons, have never seen the light of day.
The Best Designs Never Seen forms part of the Best Never Seen - an initiative dedicated to identifying and paying tribute to great creativity that has never seen the light of day. And the search is now on.....

Companies and individuals are invited to submit work they are extremely proud of yet has never been fully realised. The areas covered by this category are corporate and brand identity, packaging and graphic design (not the Internet). Panels of expert judges identify the best - finally allowing it to bathe in the limelight it deserves. A TV series, book, exhibition and awards event dedicated to the work are being planned.
Besides designs, categories include: buildings; cartoons; fashion, furniture; games; inventions/products; music videos; photographs; television and vehicles.
The Best Never Seen is being orchestrated by The Brand Guru Marcel Knobil who has already successfully organised the Best Ads Never Seen (featured on BBC, ITV and Channel 4). He is also founder of Superbrands and Cool BrandLeaders, has a weekly spot on BBC Radio London every week, and is responsible for 16 books on branding.
Knobil says: "There is some outstanding work created which never gets exposure or receives the applause it deserves. Now it will. Who knows, a fair amount of the work might finally get realised."
To apply for an entry form visit
For further infomation contact Aliza Shupac on 020 7387 4555 / 079


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