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Unlikely partners benefit the Amazon
August 2, 2006, Colin Burns

Interesting piece in today's Guardian (Aug 2nd) written by the Greenpeace campaign director John Sauvens. Greenpeace have teamed up with - wait for it - McDonalds, to achieve a two year moratorium on buying soya from newly deforested land in the Amazon.

Also involved were a number of UK supermarkets including Asda and Waitrose (no mention of the main player, Tesco...) in putting pressure on chicken suppliers like Cargill, responsible for the deforestation.

Beyond the obvious delight that new partnerships can achieve new things, most interesting to me is that Sauvens credits "European executives" at McDonalds rather than the guys back at base in Oak Brook, Illinois. More pressure on McDonalds business on this side of the Atlantic than t'other I guess...


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